Sunday, August 24, 2014

Smoked Pork Feet, anybody?

So this is what it looks like after a few days of *getting better*!!   

For the record, when it begins - Every metatarsal bone starts twinging like its being low-broiled in some Southern Pork dish - after that it subsides.    For months.    And months.

Not that lucky this time.

I'd put a lot of stress on the old POS ankle a few weeks ago searching for a missing relative up in the hard scrabble foothills for nearly 4 hours.    Professor Ankle did not take kindly to the non-sedative tasks required.

Coupla days later he started to complain - as often happens when over tasked with his usual over-perfunctory duties .  A few days later, I knew he was seriously pissed.

The Movers/Loaders arrive tomorrow at 8 AM(!).    Prof. Ankle still hasn't returned to his crypt.

We'll be in touch soon,
Jonathon Harker